08 April, 2008

What's in a Name?

Warm rarely finds connection with presbyterian today. When was the last time the words "What a warm presbyterian" were heard or uttered by you? It is true, most do not speak this way today. Typically we hear or use kind, nice or friendly. With such descriptions as "frozen chosen" and "the split p's" being all too accurate, it is difficult to find presbyterians, or for that matter, believers in general today who might be described as warm.

Regardless of denomination, views of soteriology, church government, worship, etc., most today are more interested in winning a debate, gaining recognition or serving their own agenda in some way. Left in the dust is the "loser" of such debates. What a rebuke to us all! How is it that we who claim to be followers of the Lord Jesus should desire to be better known for our winning of arguments than our living out the truth in love. It is mandatory for us to be zealous for the truth. However it is equally mandatory that we be kind and humble. Is there a way of putting truth and humility together?

To begin with, there is not only hope, it is already a reality. The reality is Jesus Christ who is full of grace and truth. No one cherished truth more than our Lord, who is Truth. No one was more tender hearted than Jesus, who was full of compassion. To put truth and humility together, we must begin, continue and end with Jesus the Messiah.

But, is there a way in today's world to hold zealously to the truth and have gracious and humble hearts in so doing? My hope is that there is. In the past, men such as John Calvin, John Knox, Samuel Rutherford, Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Archibald Alexander, and others have sought to put the two together. The name of this weblog, Presbyterian Pastures, represents what I hope to be a reflection of such an effort: presbyterian in doctrine, government and practice, but pastoral in communication of such beliefs.

I wish to extend an invitation to all who might come across these pages to seek the Lord's blessing, that he would pour out his Spirit afresh upon his people. Oh that he would revive his work in our midst! Oh that the earth would be full of the knowledge of Christ!

All are welcome to read, comment and question. May it be done in a manner that honors the Lord, submits to his word and respects all of our neighbors.

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